The Story of Soil to Sod Landscaping

The story of Soil to Sod Landscaping and Irrigation is one of the many journeys we take in life.  Like any other college student I needed to get a summer job to make ends meet, but what I was really interested in was getting a good tan!  So I got a job at a local landscape / nursery company.  The joke was on me since the tan only came in the farmer’s variety!  A funny thing happened while I worked for this company however, I enjoyed the work!!

So, skip ahead 5 years and I found myself gainfully employed by the City of Kelowna in the Parks Department.  As I wove my way through the ranks I ended up doing every job there was, from making hanging baskets to maintaining sports fields to taking control of the irrigation in whole sections of the City.  In the end I wound up being one of their Groundskeepers, sheparding all the parks in the Mission area of town.   Coming with this position was the chance to head up projects that the Parks Department undertook.

One such project was the Guinness Book record for tree planting.  I was given the job of organizing and scheduling 3 schools, approximately 300 students, plus a dozen volunteers.  To my surprise not only was it enjoyable, but I found out that I had a knack for project management. The planting went off as planned and everyone had a great time. Afterwards, the principals came to me to thank me for the organization and planning, noting that everything ran smoothly and there were no major problems at all.

So, there I sat, enjoy and excelling at project management, done going through Horticultural School and loving working in the landscape field. So what could I do with this???

Hence the founding of Soil to Sod Landscaping and Irrigation. 

So, if you are embarking on one of life’s many journeys and that journey includes landscaping, whether it is a new home or a reno of your existing yard, I would be honoured to travel with you!!


Pat Wolczuk
Owner / Operator
Soil to Sod Landscaping and Irrigation

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