Hedges & Alternatives

Hedges & Alternatives

One of the biggest question I get is "What can we plant as a hedge instead of cedars??" Since we all know that cedars, while they will grow here, are not suited well to our climate, and everyone is interested in planting something else as a hedge. There are other options out there, here are just a couple.

Miscanthus Gigantus

Planted in a row, these will make an impressive hedge that people will ask you about. (Trust me, my neighbors are always asking about mine!)  With it's height, which it reaches very quickly, this is an excellent option for a hedge, with just a bit of a tropical look!

Upright Junipers - Example: Moonglow

While I am not a juniper fan, these are an option for a hedge since they are pretty near bullet proof.  One caution, you are not likely to obtain a solid hedge, as you do with cedars.

Hicks Yew

A great alternative to cedars, they don't mind our hot, dry summers, and can with stand our cold winters. While we can't get them in as large a size as cedars (yet!), they are a relatively fast grower that work well here.   To spice things up, add a Karl Forester reed grass (or any upright growing ornamental grass) one for every 3-5 yews. Makes for a great combo!

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