Miscanthus Giganteus

They grow between 10-12 feet but I have seen them top out over 14'!!  A great specimen, or mass planting, Miscanthus Giganteus looks similar to bamboo, with very strong stocks, but without bamboo's invasiveness.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Autumn Blaze is an extremely good growing tree for our climate. With smaller maple leaves that are on the lighter green side and silver bark, it is a very attractive tree. However, it is in the fall that this one truly shines, turning bright red before dropping its leaves.


Watch out, barberry bites! Little thorns on these plants make them one to not play around with, but thankfully there is very little if any maintanence needed. Lower growing, with great foliage color, one of my favourites in Rosy Glow, which has a pastel painted leaf.

False Leaf Cypress

False Leaf Cypress is a great option to the standard mugo pines and junipers that most of us are a little tired of.  Nick-named Mop Tops, they have a very distinctive dropping look, and when they mature they can easily be made to look like bonsai for added interest in the garden.

Karl Forester Reed Grass

Perennial plant of the year in 2001, it is hard to beat Karl Forester. A quick grower, this grass is never invasive and requires very little maintanence or water.

Lace Leaf Japanese Maple

One of the best, small feature trees around. The foliage colors are varied, from purple to green with red tips, and the structure can be upright or umbrella looking.  A standard favourite of most gardeners out there.

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